Will tech mean the end of traditional hospital care?

No one looks forward to going to the hospital. Whether you’re waiting hours in the emergency room or lying in bed waiting for a long-delayed test, there’s nothing pleasant about spending time in your local hospital. Technology, though, may change this. CBS Atlanta recently covered a new survey showing that a majority of people around the globe feel that technology has the power to make traditional hospitals a thing of the past.


The Intel Corporation conducted the study, which found that 57 percent of worldwide respondents feel that the time of traditional hospitals is ending. And what will replace these medical centers? Customized, personal care made possible by evolving technology.

Mobile care

According to the survey, respondents are wanting to use mobile medical technology to take care of much of their healthcare needs themselves. The hope is that this technology enables consumers to monitor their own health and research their medical needs, dramatically cutting down on the need for overcrowded hospitals. The survey also learned that most people would be willing to perform their own ultrasounds if they had the equipment to do it.

Sharing information

Privacy isn’t what it once was, thanks largely to technology. And this, too, is reflected in the Intel survey. According to the CBS Atlanta story, an astonishing 84 percent of respondents said they were willing to share their personal health information if doing it would advance medical progress and reduce healthcare costs.

Posted on: 02.12.14